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Exclusively for partners and customers of our company we offer a unique opportunity to buy an ounce of gold at a price that is 30% below its market value. This is possible due to the fact that our company is directly engaged in trade in own gold bullions.


In this program, you get the gold on an annual deferred basis, making payments at the program price, and receive a special Gold Certificate with a nominal value, giving entitlement to one ounce of gold in 12 months (weight measuring unit on the exchange).


Ounce equals to 31.1 grams of gold. In a year, you can also exchange the certificate for the amount of money, equivalent to the value of an ounce, which will be on the market in the design moment.






• Minimal risk;
• Most reliable asset for keeping your savings;
• Protection of your savings from inflation;
• Protection of your savings from economic crises;
• Gold is an alternative global currency;
• Strong demand.




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