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Polyglot Dream


POLYGLOT DREAM is an English language program based on the specially developed technique for rapid language learning. Just in 3 months you will be able to speak fluently!

English Language Programs from Impetra Plus Company:


English for Online Business (for networkers);

English for Travel;

English for those who go abroad to work (crash course);

English for admission to foreign universities for students;

English for children.




Group L (10 persons) - 250 euros (12 lessons per month, 3 lessons per week) 
Group K (10 persons) - 500 euros (20 lessons per month, 5 lessons per week)


Currently, enlistment is carried out in the following groups:


English for Online Business, group L (10 persons) – 250 euros

English for Coordinators, group K (10 persons) - 500 euros




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