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Personal income from the programs

licn_dochodWe offer our partners and clients a range of short-, medium- and long term investment products.

Our short-term programs:

Invest Program is an investment savings program designed to achieve short-term goals. Annual interest rate: 20%.

Gold Program - our company offers a unique opportunity for partners and customers to buy an ounce of gold at a price below its market value by 30%.

Industrial Pro Program is an industrial savings program.
The interest rate is fixed under the terms of the program and corresponds to one of the selected periods of investment:

3 months: 10% per month (30% for the period);
6 months: 12% per month (72% for the period);
9 months: 14% per month (126% for the period);
1 year: 16% (192% for the period).

Our long-term programs:

Tomorrow Program is an investment savings program designed to implement long-term goals (retirement, children's education). Annual interest rate: 30%.

Tomorrow Plus Program is designed for wise and permanent investors focused on the long-term effects and effectiveness of investments. Annual interest rate: 20% with capitalization.

Our medium-term programs:

Perfect Holiday Program is a special investment program with withdrawal of funds for travel purpose. Revenue amounts to 20% in six months, and 30% in 12 months.

Participation in projects and programs of the company will allow you to become a part of major projects with the leading investment companies in the world.


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